McRae Engineering Pty Ltd is a professional engineering company with over 16 years experience providing a range of manufacturing, machining and fabrication services to our clients across all commercial and manufacturing industries. We machine and fabricate all types of materials, including titanium, alloy, stainless steel, aluminium, high temperature materials and all types of plastics.

We are able to prepare mechanical test samples and special purpose prototypes and equipment to your specifications and requirements.  We are dedicated to long term development in the manufacture and fabrication industries.

Our Difference

McRae Engineering are committed to long term development within the industry.  Our company stands out from competitors for the following reasons:

  1. We machine & fabricate a range of materials, including titanium, inconel and other alloys, stainless steel, aluminium, high temperature materials and all types of plastics.
  2. We provide general fabrication services including welding, sheet metal, folding, rolling and guillotine service.
  3. We are able to prepare and modify all mechanical test samples.
  4. We offer all machining, turning, milling, CNC, surface grinding, and component manufacture.
  5. Pilot plant construction.
  6. Special purpose equipment manufacture and modifications, including prototypes, laboratory equipment, high temperature components, research equipment and furnace and autoclave components.
  7. Full on site contracting to set up and commission your project to your specific specifications and requirements.

Contact us with your requirements and our experienced staff will be happy to discuss your next project.